In the documentary “Symphony of the Soil”, the  interface between rock and lichen is discussed. At that interface, filaments of the lichen merge with rock. There “dead” rock is converted into elements of life that lichen make available to fungi and trees and so on. This lichen/rock interface, and the linking pathways of fungi, combine to blur the strict boundaries we’ve established between animate and inanimate worlds.

This “wood-wide web” is a form of dialogue. In dialogue, dissolving and in-forming (decay and growth, death and life) go hand in hand. The boundaries between smaller, deader worlds are dissolved, so that wider worlds — more lively and diverse worlds — can come together.

Metaphor plays the role of psychic lichen, dissolving hitherto strictly held separations between contexts (negating), and simultaneously making connections to a wider, more lively vision.

This growing list of links shows some of the mycelial connections of an emerging (and non-local) mind.

But these are in the order they came to mind, which is to say, somewhat chaotically arranged:

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